Pickwick and Wilson Lake Guide Service

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Specializing in Catfish, Stripers,  Bream and Bass on Pickwick and Wilson Lakes on the Tennessee River.

We also specialize in live bait fishing for all species.

Our Mission: To provide a quality and educational experience for our clients with a friendly Southern Hospitality.


  • Alabama fishing license
  • Extra clothing - Allow for temperature changes and rainfall.
  • Food or Drinks - Bottle water will be provided.
  • Hat, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, and camera. (guide will also photograph)
  • Cooler with ice for fish. Each person is allowed to keep 10 fish under 10 lbs. Any fish over 10 lbs. well be released!Fish cleaning fee extra.

Trophy Trip - We target 25 pound and larger fish on this trip. This means slower fishing with much larger baits. A client can expect fewer bites and catches but fish in the 60 to 70 pound range are possible, with 40 to 50 pound fish common. Prime season for a trophy outing is mid September to mid December, February and March.

Regular Trip - We go catfishing. This trip is designed to use whatever baits, tactics, locations, etc. are currently producing the most action. The purpose is for the angler to catch as many fish as possible of whatever sizes are avaliable at that time. We use a diverse range of baits (including jigs and spoons at times) and techniques centered around the skill level of the angler. This is the trip if you want to carry fish home for the freezer.

Catfish 101 - This is what I collectively call " Catfish School". After 35 years of catfishing I have discovered an aresnal of tactics that can be used at different times of the year, water, weather conditions, etc. to catch fish. This is a FULL day on the water that is dedicated to the many different ways to catch cats. The purpose of this package is to give the cleint in a day what it has took me over 35 years to learn. We go over several types of rigging, how to choose the proper bait for the proper time, visit multiple structures on the lake and use electronics to identify items you can find on your home lake. Learn how to use hair jigs, spoons, and other lures to catch cats. I also offer basic trotlining, how to set limb lines, jugging, and other alternative methods of catching catfish. This is truly the best deal you will ever get if you just want to learn more about catfishing. If you choose to take this package make sure to bring along a tape recorder, notebook, video camera or all the above.

Live Bait fishing - Fishing live shad minnows for all targeted species.


  • Full Day (7) HRS. - $350.00 
  • 3 person maximum per boat. Fishing times vary depending on season. Contact Us for current times.
  • Half Day (4) HRS. - $200.00 
  • $50 additional charge for third person on any trip.


All participants must sign a General Release of Liability Form.


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