It's finally here. The fall live bait fishing season has arrived. From now till late November will be Pickwick and Wilson Lakes finest fall fishing. From the results of my last few September trips, it's going to be special. Clients have boated 25 plus smallmouth bass, not to mention numerous other fish this last week. Best 5 fish averaging weights of 18-22 pounds. Threadfin shad are easily avaliable with the use of a livescope below either dam. Afternoon bite is best, due to TVA generating maximum flow from about 1 pm till after dark.

     Crappie are also being caught as well as a few Sauger in the Bear Creek and Waterloo areas. Spotted bass are loaded on the " rock row " at Sheffield and in the Buck Island area. For the bigger spots fish deeper and search for current breaks along the structure. Catfish are being caught in good numbers both below the dams in eddy currents as well as drifting below the dams. One angler had a 48 quart cooler full last week in a couple hours fishing time.

     I still have a few openings for late October and November. If interested or you want to be placed on my cancellation list, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


     It's time... Sepetmber officially kicks off the fall live bait season. The young shad are beginning to school in large numbers, and most are now large enough to be collected in a 3/8" mesh cast net. Fish of all types are starting to congergate below the dams, mouths of creeks, and large main lake flats gorging on the young shad. All you need for fast fall action is a cast net, live bait tank, and some medium action spinning tackle. Catfish and white bass will be in their largest concentrations in the tailraces. For largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass, they will be anywhere the bait is. When the dams are gnerating focus your attention to structure out in the current flow, and eddy pockets just off the main current seam. When current is not running, fish tend to swim in more open water in the main lake. This month is trophy catfish and great multi species action on both Wilson and Pickwick Lakes. Get out and enjoy!!!

     This month officially kicks off the fall fishing season. The first half of the month will be tough,  but by the end of the month the bite will slowly fire up. Bass will start to school in the tailraces gourging themselves on young shad. Stripers will become more abundant both in the tailraces and along points and creek mouths in the upper portion of the lake. Late August has produced a lot of trophy catfish over the years. Best bet is Wilson Lake dropping large chunks of skipjack over ledges in 75 to 90 feet of water. Crappie will start to move farther up the creeks in search of bait. They will be more open water and less structure oreinted. This is definitely the time to bet getting your gear ready for the upcoming months. In my opinion mis September to early December is absolutley the best fishing of the year.