After reading an article about Brian Barton on the Internet I gave him a call and arranged a live-bait trip for a friend and me during the last week in September on Pickwick Lake.  Brian called the day before our trip and asked if we wanted to focus on just smallmouths or if we wanted to catch a lot of fish with a good number of smallmouths mixed in.  Being greedy, we opted for a lot of fish and boy did we make the right decision!  Brian put us on the fish and worked his butt off to keep us catching fish all afternoon long.  In just over four hours of fishing we caught 76 total fish: smallmouth, stripe, cat, drum, largemouth, skip…you name it, we caught it!  Twenty-six of these were smallmouths and both of us caught a smallie that was 4+ pounds.  It was a great day of fishing and Brian Barton is a great guy to fish with.  We can’t wait for our next trip!

Vann Scott